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Hi. I'm the Weezle. I live in a rural part of New Hampshire on a farm. I am in a band that plays on trash, Trashcan Lid Productions(TLP). We have made a comertial for kitchen ect. Click on the link below to see the T.L.P. website. I am also involved in a backyard wrestling fed XBW. I am the Fire Wizard of This website is still under construction.


my peeps

Saeroth(The WEEZLE)
Thats me. I am the most horrible and violent person i've met. I'm known for hurting people on a daily basis even if its an accident. I am also the Bass Drummer for T.L.P. and in a maching band. I love music. In particular, punk/Rock.

Chase Rivers
Chase is my best friend. he is in a wheelchair because he has ceveral paslsey, but he is a formidable opponent in XBW. he is funny and charismatic.

X-Dogg is my girlfriend. She's the greatest. X-Dogg is the one who started XBW as "X-Rated". She is violent, evil and twisted. just like me!

Skaryx is the Sky Wizard and Leader of the Game Wizards. he is a little anoying but he's a good friend and a funny guy. he and I are vetran musicians in T.L.P. back from when it was S.O.A.R. (Soals Originating Art Rythmecly)

Baps is odd. we dont know if hes straight or not or even if he's a guy. he is also in T.L.P. and has been from the start. He is 5' and weighs like 70 lbs! he looks like you could snap him like a twig but for some reason I'm friends with him.
Go Figure.

YoungLive is a kid from indonesia I met at school. he eats cats and dogs and has a komoto Dragon for a pet. he is wicked cool. he was singing "I need a girl" with his acent, it was the funnyest thing i've ever seen.

Dameon is a friend of mine from school. hes like a big goofy Baps. hes 5'9 and 115lbs but he is a wrestler and is pretty good because of the fact that he is unfair and sneaky. the only thing is he cant take pain.

Ognas is a japanize friend of mine or "half japanize" as he would point out. He is a total pasifist and feels bad for everything. it discusts me. He is also in T.L.P. and is another veteran.

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