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The body tag is essential to any webpage. This is where you define the defaults for your webpage. You can define many different specifics here, or none at all. But all body tags start out with: < BODY >

After that is started, you can change the color of your background, your text, your links, your active links, and your visited links. You can define your background image here as well.

Defining the colors here is done just like any other place, with the six digit hexadecimal code.

All definitions must be in the body tag, (before you close the bracket). The commands are as follows:

Command Explaination
TEXT Changes the default color of the text (not including links) throughout the whole page
LINK Changes the default color of links throughout the page
ALINK Changes the default color of active links (links being clicked on) throughout the page
VLINK Changes the default color of the visited links (links that you've used before) throughout the page
BGCOLOR Changes the background color
BACKGROUND places an image as the background for the page

TEXT, LINK, ALINK, VLINK, and BGCOLOR must be followed by:


This is to signify that they are controlled by a hex code, while BACKGROUND must be followed by =" with the source of the image in quotes.

Also, an extreemly common tag is the center tag: < CENTER >. This tag will center everything between the start center and end center tags.

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