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Since most of the web is text based it would make sense for the creator to be able to manipulate the text on his or her webpage. Text manipulation is done through font tags. These tags allow you to change just about anything you want to with your text.

As all other tags, a font tag is begun with < FONT.

There are a multitude of different things that can be used inside the font tag, but they must be inside the font tag.

COLOR This will change the color of the text within the font tag. It must be followed by ="# and a hex code.
SIZE This will change the size of the text. Note: this is not the same as your text editor: The words COMMAND and DESCRIPTION above are size 4.
FACE This is the same as changing the 'font' in your text editor. To change it, you type FACE="Times" if you wanted the text face to be times.

All of these commands are used inside the font tag, however there are others that can be used outside the font tags.

These tags are very common: Bold (< B >), Italics(< I >), and Underline(< U >).

These tags will change all the text accordingly between the begin tag and end tag.

Finally, there are two differnent types of tags to put spaces into your webpage. The larger spaces being used to separate the lines of text on this page are paragraph tags. These are done with < P >. and ended with an end paragraph tag.

There is a smaller space that you can use, called a break, which does not need an end tag. This tag is done with < BR >.

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