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Crushed Computer

Images are used all across the web. They can be used to make your page prettier, or they can be used to prove your point (such as graphs).

All images start out with an image tag: < IMG >. There are quite a few things that you can change within the image tag.

SRC This specifies the address where the image is comming from, and must be in quotes.
ALIGN This will align the image on your page (The three commands are LEFT RIGHT CENTER)
VALIGN This will align everything else with your image, so if you wanted text to be next to the image, and start at the top of the image you would use top (The three commands are TOP MIDDLE BOTTOM)
BORDER Exactly as it sounds, this is the size of the border around the image (measured in pixels)
ALT This is what will appear (text) if the image doesn't show up (it must be in quotes)
HEIGHT This is how tall the image appears on the website (measured in pixels)
WIDTH This is how wide the image appears on the website (also measured in pixels)

The VALIGN might be a little confusing so here's an example (and one of ALT too).

If this image showed upThis is top

You wouldn't be ableThis is middle

To read this stuffThis is bottom

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