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A link is probably one of the most commonly used items on the web today.

A link connects two different locations on the web, whether that location be on the same page, a different page or a different site altogether.

Links are very easy to do. The tag for a link is: < A HREF="..." > and the end tag is: < A >.

The ... is the address of the page that the link is connecting to. What you want to show up on the website must appear in between the beginning tag and the ending tag.

If you are linking to another website, the address or URL of the website must be entered under HREF (
If you are linking to a website within your own page and in the same directory or folder, just enter the name of the page.
If you are linking to a page of your own, but in a different folder or directory, to enter a new directory -- enter the name of the directory and add a /, if you need to exit a directory, type "../"then follow the path needed.

Oh, and as an added bonus, you can also make an e-mail link. All you have to do is enter mailto: as part of the HREF, so it'd be HREF=""

At the bottom of this page you will find a link leading you back to the home page. The code for the link below is: < A HREF="index.html" > Back to home < /A >.

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