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Lists are not used very often in websites, but they are rather handy to know about.

A list is exactly what it sounds like, a listing of items.

There are two types of lists: an Unordered List and an Ordered List.

They are almost exactly the same, except an Unordered List tag is < UL >.
And an Ordered List tag is < OL >.

Once you have declared that there will be a list, you can declare a List Header (< LH >).
This header will not be bulleted (as is the case in Unordered Lists) or numbered (as is the case in Ordered Lists).
It will simply be at the top of the list (Note: You must end the List Header).
Beyond that, every item you wish to place in the list will be a List Item (< LI >).
Whatever you place in the list must fall between a List Item tag and an end List Item tag.

When you're done making your list, end this list with the end list tag (< /OL > or < /UL >).

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