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Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is a programming language used to create webpages just like this one. HTML is programmed by 'tags'. A Tag is defined by carrets (< >). Anything inside these carrets is a tag, there are many differnt types of tags, and the first tags that must appear on any webpage is the HTML tag.

< HTML >

You'll notice that I am capitalizing everything in tags. This is not necessecary, but it will save time later on, when you wish to update your page. If you capitalize your tags, it will be easier to separate them from your body text.

After you have defined that this is an HTML document (with the HTML tag), you should then continue to define your document header:

< HEAD >

Inside the header you can define many different things, but for now we'll just define the title. The title for this page is "Tags", you'll notice it isn't in the body, but rather it is above, in the title bar (where you find the close window buttons).

You can define the tilte by starting a title tag: < TITLE > typing the title of your choice, and then ending the title tag.

You end a tag, basically the same way you start one, with one change. To end the title tag: < /TITLE >.

This technique will be used for any webpage, all the time.

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