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Good day fellow freaks of the world!

This site goes out to all those freaks out there. Those who's interests are ridiculed and who's lives are mocked. I introduce this site to you as a refuge from the cruel torments of the outside world; and when I get around to it, be able to meet and enjoy the company of fellow outcasts. As I am just beginning an on-going fascination with program, my skills ain't up to snuff; but those of you who actually find this site, stick with me...

Among the things I hope to eventually feature on the site are Anime, everything Sci-Fi, Programing (what a surprise), Warhammer, the ancient art of playing M:TG, RPGs and whatever I can freakng think of, and whatever people who suggest stuff to me can think of...

So you can learn about the great future leader of the universe... You may refer to me as Nicodaemus. I am freakish, and paranoid, and even occasionally egotistical. I live in the US and no more info shall I feed you about my location. I am a nerd at heart, and enjoying EVERYTHING. I am an excellant artist, and as soon as I can lay my hands on a decent scanner I hope to display some on the site. I am an avid gamer, and reletlessly pursue the impossible end-levels of games.

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The Outside World, shudder...

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