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The Great Beast Comes. Devourer of Worlds.

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The onrushing hordes of a Tyranid swarm are a terrible sight to behold: scuttling Termagants rub shoulders with deadly Genestealers, huge Carnifexes lumber forward beside tall Tyranid Warriors in an avalanche of rattling armor plates, glittering fangs and gigantic claws. Discipline is hard to maintain against such a horrifying foe as many men are driven mad with despair or frozen with terror at their approach. - Inquisitor Agmar: Halting the Abomination.

The Tyranids are an utterly alien force that is terror incarnate. Shapes of nightmare leap and scuttle forward with outstretched claws and glistning teeth pull down their prey. They are an emotionless force of genetically designed killing machines driven by the implacable will of the Tyranid Hive Mind. This Hive Mind is a type of collective consciousness that all the organisms of the Tyranids are a part of. They feel each others thoughts and it's this oneness that drives them on with such unstoppable purpose. The armies of these aliens are exemplified by swarms of lesser creatures that need the guidance of larger bio-organisms that are more closely linked to the Hive Mind. Without this guidance these creatures soon become confused and lost in what it is they must do, causing them to revert to instinctive impulses, instead of that which the Hive Mind has planned. Through careful extermination of these leader creatures who act as "nodes" for the Hive Mind, a Tyranid force may be stopped, but this is easier said than done!

Tyranids are the coolest, if not the best, army in the Warhammer 40,000 universe! The combination of bombardment with Spore mines from Biovores and the Venom Cannons from Tyrants or Carnifexes added to the unmatched ferocity in close combat presented by Raveners and Lictors. Rippers may be small, but they can take quite a beating and still keep coming! Genestealers are excellent in close combat, and with their rending claws, they can easily tear through an armored foe. Gargoyles can fly down in the midst of a battle and change the odds in favor of the Tyranids with their fleshborers and bio-plasma attacks. In this website, you can look at pictures of excellently painted Tyranids and read stories about them, like the one previewed above. Eventually, I will put strategies into this website. In the meantime, though, check out my photo gallery by clicking on the links below.

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