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My very first homepage!!!

Hi my name it Tim McCann,I'm from Bar Harbor, Maine.I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes.I'm 5'6" and 120lbs. I live in a 4 storie house with my dad,mom and 2 older brothers.My dad name is Robert McCann, he is 53 years old and my mom name is Michelle McCann, she is 50 years old.My older brothers are Mike,17 years old and Peter, 15 years old.I have a lovely girlfriend named Tara Gould. My so far is pretty lazy.All I do is slacking off.I'm always late for eveything.Cause I take my good old time.and that's pretty nice.I have a lot of friends. I'll name some,Tara,arlo,nick,josh,sally,andrew and stephen.Everyone is my friend,thats not a punk.Right now I am at MSSM camp.It stands for Maine School of Science and Technology.It's pretty cool here,untill someONE clogged up a toliet and it overflowed.I am made this homepage at mssm camp.I am still not done as you might see,it's pretty short.If you have any ideas or sugestions please e-mail me by clicking on the E-mail link below.Thanks!!