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Did the world exist form the beginning, or was it somehow created by the act of thinking about it? The question may very well be irrelevant. Time may be an illusion, and reality may require no more than belief to give it substance.

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Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman have a unique writing style that appeals to me, but only when they work together. When these two authors work as a team, they complement eachother quite nicely, each filling in the gaps in the other's writing.

Tolkien's ground-breaking works in my opinion started the modern fantasy genre.His incredible works, which are still being published by Christopher Tolkien, keep the flame that was J.R.R. alive, even in his death. The movie made based on "The Fellowship of The Ring," was one of the best movies I have ever seen, and one of the incredibly small number that does justice to the book it is based on.

Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series has captured the minds of millions.though in my opinion he slowed down in the latest books, Jordan picked up at the end of Winter's Heart.The first books were some of the best fantasy novels that I have ever read.

Raymond E. Feist continuously writes excellent books. He does not seem to be able to write about anything but war. The Merchant Prince was an exception, but otherwise he has written solely about war or preparing for war.
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