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WineX is a Windows emulator thingy that has DirectX support built in. This means you can run those DirectX games that you had to put a wingdows partitin on for. Max Payne and Diablo II LOD are some of the games it runs after a few hours (days) of configuration. To get winex, run the following commands as root, and in roots home directory.

$ cvs login
Hit Enter when prompted for a password
$ cvs -z3 co wine

The WineX cvs should now start downloading, it takes a while so go do something else while its going. Before you install WineX, make sure you dont have ANY wine stuff left on your machine. Old configs left in home directorys will mess up the installer. Once the CVS is done downloading go into the top level wine directory. To install WineX type (as root)
& ./tools/wineinstall

There are a TON of errors that you will probably get, here's some of them.