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Melee Maps

Bangl Micro War This map was made for people to practice their skills. (2 player map) 15.1 kbs DL Map
Bombs Over Baghdad $$8 person map with fast money$$ 16.2 kbs DL Map
Big Game Hunters Although this was named as Blizzard's pick one time, this is still a very popular 8 player map. 24.0 kbs DL Map
Blue Night in Seoul This map is a Korean map and is very popular among the Korean Players. Mostly all Korean players are experts and they perfer this map. Try it out. Fun 8 player map 12.8 kbs DL Map
Fastest Map Ever The neat thing about this map is that there is a special program to make minerals be closer to your mining. 8 Player map. 15.2 kbs DL Map
The Best Map Ever To some people i guess this is the "Best Map Ever" Try it out for yourself. 8 Player 12.9 kbs DL Map
Green Hunter This map was popular a while back but it has quickly died out. DL this extinct map. 16.2 kbs DL Map