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Hey guys this page is totally dedicated to all my fiends.guys on top girls under the line.

Ozzy -man like everybody hates u sept mebut we dont all them. If they hate you then they're missin out on havin sucha great friend.
Peter-your the champ at playin basbeall in my backyard but my mom was pretty good too haha lol we gotta hang out more ... remember the spraypaint in the barn that was awsome lol
Dalpe-ur cool n all but u gotta no what to say in front of what people.The concert at the mountion was awsome.Remember the burning dog shit we lit on fire at my house?hahahah it smelled soooooo bad but it was funny as hell.
Chris-the party at ur house was the bomb! sry bout when we were watching billy madison on ur leg haha
Buzzy-rakey rakey... haha u da man good luck wit that new girl she is mighy fine u need ta keep her.Cuz i do..wonder if u feel tha same way i do can see it in ur it hipnotized u so come on shorty if u think u can roll wit an iced out playa ballin outa control.
Kyle Hersey-ur the best u gotta come over sometime this summer...just remember on her bday man haha lol remember that time we slept late n nate came in n woke us up?that was awsome.
Aaron-we ride bikes everywhere...why? o well its still fun we gotta ride ur lawnmower sum more hah that was phatty-bangins.

Kayla-Cutie Booty haha lol the caueway was realy fun on fourth of jully.we gotta hang out down there mo often.
Kimmy-i love u sooo much n i always will ur the best but sometimes ur to violent:( i no ur just messin around but bagtags realy hurt
Emilia-ur the best friends a guy kud ever have n ur my best freind we gottta hang out more on the causeway
Cindy-ur house was the best i wanna see those pix we took that was soo funny.
Nastia-ur party was realy fun wit the water ballons n when we watched teh movies.
Lindsay-that nite me n the guys stopped at ur house was funnyim glad u were hokme cuz we wudda been in soo much trouble that nite

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