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yellow chick Peepspink bunny PeepsTHE PEEPS DEDICATION PAGE

Alright, this is a bunch of sick, twisted crap that some people find amusing. Can you imagine what sort stupid, sadistic, abusive kind of person it would take to find these things humorous? Actually its not that hard to imagine at all. Some may find this web oage offensive, cruel, or simply retarded, but I have this to say in my defense, "Don't knock it 'till you try it." I actually stumbled upon a site like this one you are reading. It featured the little known marshmallow Peeps bunnies. These bunnies were having random "testing" performed upon them to further "understand" the anatony and survival capabilities of these little marshmallow wonders. I was very intrigued with this site when I found out that the so called scientists took their tessting one step further when the bunnies were the testers and the marhmallow Peeps chicks were the test subjects. Panic insued. Upon further research of this subject I have found a web page that had made up songs graciously commemerating our sugar coated friends. After veiwing all of this a (very) low budget film company was assembled to make a film showing the Peeps in their true light. The film company was trying to concentrate on recreating this peeps valiant escape from torture and their rise to stardom. Unfortunately the film company enjoyed the Bunny Survival Tests pages so much that they decided to continue the tradition of testing. Those brave bunnies and chicks that decided not to join the filming companies effort to capture the "true light" of a Peep's history, went on to a career of playing small roles in small budget films. Like the midget before them, they went on to play the parts that no one else would take. Some roles a Peep often played include a marshmallow treat at Easter or candy in a supermarket. With these roles, the Peeps were not able to show off their amazing acting abilities. So one day at a summer camp in Maine, a small group of teenage boys decided to film a short movie where the plot, though very unclear, includes remakes of Jackass stunts, The Matrix's Neo in normal life, and James Bond becoming very offended because of Neo's new found spot as a Hollywood action hero. Since this film was low budget, and all the boys were under 18, they decided to make the film as humorous as possible. Instead of James Bond's trademark of rolling around in bed with a woman, James rolls around with a chick Peep or two. The Peep gets a chance to show of its acting ability in a barroom scene where the Peep and Bond meet. This film single handidly shot the Peeps popularity through the roof. For once the whole world saw a Peep's acting abilities for what they really were. Now the Peeps were no longer the cute, marshmallow treat you recieved at Easter, they were the cute, marshmallow treat that you recieved at Easter that could also act. Now the Peeps could on to bigger and better things such as doctors or firemen. Just wait one day when your house is burning down, you'll see a gooey peice of melted sugar-coated marshmallow slinking your way to save you. Then you'll be filled with pride to know that you've been saved by a Peep.

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