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Guy Climbing

I Love Rock Climbing! It
IS The Best. I Have Been
Climbing At MRG (Maine Rock
Gym in Portland,ME) For A
While Now. I Am 14 Years
Old And Have Been On
MRG's Junior Rock Climbing
For Two Years.
Sometimes We Go To Compitions
Against Other Gyms And
Teenagers. I Have Climbed
Outside Only Once. It Was
In Rumney, NH. It Was A

This Is My First Time
Designing A Web Page.
I Am Learning How To Make
One At MSSM Summer Camp.
MSSM Stands For Maine
School Of Math And Science.
I Am Having Fun So Far.
I'm Rooming With Two Buds
Of Mine

Pusher Holds

MSSM School And Camp

Pusher Rock Holds

FiveTen Rock Climbing Gear

Sweeet Backgrounds

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How Do You Save Bin Laden From Drowning?

Take Your Foot Off His Back.


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Another Climber

Dragon Pic (C) By 5.10 Rock Climbing
Rock Holds Pic (C) by Pusher Rock Holds