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Chris Toothaker

My name is Chris. My nickname is Applesauce. Ben, this is me, not some other guy with the same name. Ya, I really made this website. Somebody e-mail me cause I'm bored. Please e-mail me. Anyways, I like Skateboarding but I'm not that good. I like Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and Football. My hobbies are models and fixing anything that's broken. I love making model rockets that don't work out right and crash, or, I have only have only had one do this, BLOW UP in the sky!!!! Don't get me wrong, there cool when they do work out right but, it's just cool. Right now I am working on a 4 foot flying wooden model of the B-17 Flying Fortress. Also, I love burning things, not like houses, but like HUGE Bonfires. I play Magic, Dungeons and Dragons, and Guardian.I want to join the United States Navy or the Marines when I am older.I'm making this website at MSSM summer camp. At the camp we are making model rockets and flying them. We can only do one thing to the rockets like change the length of the body to shorter or longer, or we can change the number of fins from three to six, and there is one more thing that we can do we can change the weight. In that class we are going to put a time capsule message in the nose, I don't know why since it's attached to the rocket and I don't plan to just leave my rocket on the ground that I have probably spent close to 4 hours making! I have another block and I am taking ecology. we learn about death rates and what slugs eat. Here is a question for y'all. What do slugs eat, living or dead plants? E-mail the answer to me and make sure you include your E-mail address so I can tell you if right or wrong. Anyways, at the pool, I stubbed my pinky toe and it went 90 degrees out facing away from my foot. I pushed it back into the right place. It was incredibly painful.

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