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Hey guys its Dan The AfroManWELCOME TO THA"CADILLAC"
I think you all know me.If you dont you should talk to me on AIM.My s/n is nomarsuckz.
I thiunk Nomar Garciapara is a loser and he sux.He has a big messed up nose and it loox like theres a tennis ball in his throat.

If I forgot to put you in my page i didnt mean to so dont take it personally.

Just so you guys know buzzy is the best.I beat him up all the time at mssm but hes pretty good at bball in the ghetto{waldobourough}.You should look at our photo shoot.Its got some crazy pics of us playin some crazy bball.

Click here to see sum `iced out playas balllin outa control`

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